Belgium Barista has made it a priority to amaze its customers with the most delightful chocolate in the world. Our chocolate contains 35% – 70% cocoa beans.

As its name suggests, Belgium Barista is a gourmet establishment dedicated to the finest Belgian chocolate specialties. Everything you find here comes from our culinary pride in the form of exclusives chocolates, delicious Brussels waffles and crepes.

We offer chocolate truffles, mouthwatering Macaroons, luscious Cuberdons, exquisite Babeluttes, delectable Marzipan and chocolate covered almonds with Tiramisu or caramel coating. Belgium Batista also offers a handcrafted chocolates in vintage metal boxes or in baskets which makes an excellent gift. We also offer our amazing Belgian hot chocolate which will amaze any chocolate fan.

We offer free samples and expert advice to make your journey amidst our scrumptious treats, a fabulous one.

How it all Began – The history

The first chocolate was created in 1635. Then during the reign of King Leopold II in 1885 that the country of Congo the gateway to cocoa plantations was colonized by Belgium.

The chocolate industry began to flourish in the 1880’s as a result of the Belgian Congo enabling easy access to the cocoa fields of Africa. So started the worlds infatuation with Belgian Chocolate.

The Uniqueness of Belgian Chocolate

The composition of Belgian chocolate has been regulated by law since 1884. In order to prevent adulteration of the chocolate with low-quality fats from other sources, a minimum level of 35% pure cocoa beans was imposed. Adherence to traditional manufacturing techniques also serves to increase the quality of Belgian chocolate.

Please stop by our store located at 1626-A Hendricks Ave in Jacksonville anytime Monday through Sunday between 11:00am and 7:00pm and enjoy the best tasting chocolate in the world.

Belgium Barista